Welcome to Pinebox, Georgia!

This is your campaign homepage. If you’re new to Pinebox, the first thing you should do is take a look at the wiki. There is some helpful background information there.

Second, you should create your character on the site. Go to the Characters tab and:

  • Ignore the un-labeled drop-down at the top of the form. This loads a pre-defined character sheet template. I don’t need you to fill in the character sheet, since I’m managing characters t through Hero Lab.
  • Enter your character’s name; this is the one required field. For example, Lisa Grey.
  • You can ignore the Slug/Wiki Link field, the system will fill it in for you.
  • Check the Player Character box to indicate that this is player-controlled. This field might not appear for you (I see it, since as the Referee I can create PCs and NPCs).
  • Fill Quick Description with a one-line description of what your character is all about. For example, A lawyer in private practice in Pinebox.
  • You can skip the Description (crunch) section as well; If you’re feeling ambitious later and want to share your character sheet with the other players, you can put attributes, skills, edges, and hindrances here.
  • Please do fill in the Biography (fluff) section with a physical description, brief backstory, personality, goals, and a couple of representative quotes. For example:
Description: Lisa is a tall (5’9") attractive blonde in her early 30’s.
Backstory: She is a successful lawyer and Pinebox native. Her husband Bill passed away about two years ago, and she has been juggling her work and the challenges of raising their two children, Marissa (8) and Matthew (7) by herself. Lisa and her family have recently started to experience poltergeist activity.
Goals: Rid her family of the poltergeist problem.
Quotes: “I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, but I know I’m scared of them.” “Why do they follow us? I wish they’d just go away!”

Pinebox Georgia

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