Pinebox Georgia


INCIDENT REPORT (Filed) while driving back on I75 towards Pinebox, GA.

While off duty, noticed a late model ford truck on the side of the road with windshield damage from roadkill

Stopping to verify no assistance is needed, discovered a small child, approximately age 8 inside the truck

Child relates that she has been there for some time (Note: child testimony is notoriously inaccurate about time), and that her dad went into the woods but didn’t come back.

Left the child with a companion from my off duty activities while I investigated the woods. Was accompanied by an ex-military civilian and a paramedic (who were advised of proper procedure at the appropriate junctures).

Upon searching the woods, it was found that there was a male corpse ritually mutilated with it’s skinn removed, much like you’d see at a beef slaughterhouse. Additional, a small rabbit was also mutilated this way. No sign of the skin at the scene.

Called the local sheriff, see his official report for details/forensics.



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