Jacob MacKerney

A campus police officer at Southwestern Georgia University


5’9.5" brown hair, military cut, not athletic, but not skinny or fat either.


Got a worthless promotion to lieutenant when he solved a hazing scandal at one of the sororities on campus. It’s worthless because the campus police are so small you just get a pay grade, no real authority as the captain directly supervises everyone. But it sounds interesting to the ladies.

Jacob’s got some unresolved issues with not getting his way/trying to do things too forcefully. It’s not shown up as physical violence in an inappropriate setting yet, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give the impression it might not come to that at times. He’s worked a surprising amount with non-campus cops and other law enforcement personalties, seeming always to fall into liaison roles, so knows people, but also owes them some favors.


To get over himself, to get respect for fixing issues, to honestly help people


“Do you believe those fucking hippies?”

“Pigeon. We need a stool pigeon.”

Jacob MacKerney

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