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Pinebox doesn’t have any local television stations, other than a student-run cable station that is available only on the SWGU campus.


Pinebox has three radio stations:

  1. WSGU, a student-run progressive station based at Southwestern Georgia University that broadcasts about twelve hours a day on an irregular schedule. The station has a morning news program that covers campus news and events, and an irregular afternoon investigative journalism segment.
  2. WCTF, a country music station. WCTF has a popular daytime DJ that reads (and comments on) local news headlines. It runs a nationally syndicated country music program outside of usual business hours.
  3. WRNK, which plays a mixture of modern and classic rock. The station is owned by an out-of-state media conglomerate which provides programming via satellite link.

Pinebox has two newspapers: the town’s daily Pinebox Harbinger and News-Telegraph, and a weekly student newspaper, The Raven’s Report, published and distributed on the SWGU campus.

The Pinebox Harbinger and the Pinebox News-Telegraph merged in the early 1980’s due to dropping sales. The Harbinger was established before the Civil War, and was known for having the best local reporting. The News-Telegraph was founded during Reconstruction and depended on the wire services for state and national news rather than local reporting. After a somewhat rocky start, the combined organization now publishes a daily paper, the Pinebox Harbinger and News-Telegraph. The current staff includes:


  • Charles Jefferson


  • Marc McAfee
  • Andrew Mach
  • Kyle Ford

Pinebox News Media

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